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Equestrian photographs

I suppose I could have called this post sea horses!

Over the summer I was invited to take some photographs of a rather unique event. Once a year the Mid Antrim Hunt here in Northern Ireland takes over the beach in Carnlough to host a day of competitions. The course included racing into the sea, round an obstacle, back onto the beach and then a series of jumps. For a non horse person to me it was a bit mad and great fun to watch and photograph. Despite the fact that this took place during the warmest and sunniest day of our exceptional summer the day of the event was grey with no sun at all.

To follow are just a few photographs of the day. If you have any comments scroll past the photographs to the comment box at the end of this post.





































































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Wedding photography Photobooks

Isn’t it nice to see photographs in print. Today there is an increasing use of photographs in digital form only. Through smart phones and social media the number of photographs taken and shared is enormous but it is quite often a case of seen today and forgotten tomorrow.

I think this is true even in the professional photography world. More and more wedding couples only want their photographs in digital form. I often wonder how many even bother to get prints made never mind albums. Are they relegated to a file on the laptop or sitting forlornly in the timeline of their Facebook page?

What prompted these thoughts was a recent phone call from a bride from September 2010 – yes 2010 for whom I had supplied high resolution photographs on DVD as requested.

Now almost two years on she wanted a print version. Not a full blown album but something better than the high street offerings.  I sourced a very good company that makes great quality Photobooks, did the design, got them printed and now copies of these books are winging their way to the USA and England to relatives.

I realise there is still the work and responsibility of design and quality the same as for a full scale album for less financial return but when I received them and was checking them out before delivery to the client I remembered the pleasure of simply seeing photographs in print.

Below is just one spread from the 26 page hard cover photobook.

Wedding photo book














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New York New York

A few years ago I was fortunate to go to New York to shoot a television commercial. Recently I started to scan some of the negatives (yes it was that long ago) to file as digital versions. I have to say I loved the city – the people, the noise, the bustle and the sights.

Below are just a few scans for a flavour of what I saw and experienced.

For those interested the scans were done from 35mm film with a Nikon Coolscan 4 and then loaded into Photoshop CS5.

New York cab























Must say I found the cops really friendly and when asked to pose boy could they!


Just a pose























And a bit of transport diversity


Transport diversity
















Inevitably there were lots of people and queues.


Empire State building























And from the top of the building all of New York is there.


New York skyline















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Glens of Antrim rivers

Now that we don’t have a glorious summer I got a spare dry midday break and found one of the advantages of all the rain here in Ireland. It gives landscape photography all the greens you could want as well as plenty of well filled rivers. Just a couple of river/waterfall shots taken in the glorious Glens of Antrim. If you have any comments just click on the line at the top of this post.

Glens of Antrim river


















Glenann water detail

Old on new

I just recently put together a new website – yep the one you’re on now. Deciding what photographs to feature was very difficult. The previous site had accumulated lots of galleries and lots of photographs in those galleries as well as stand alone images on each page. When I took a very critical look at it it was a mess.

To clean it up would have meant a major redesign and as I’m definitely not a designer the very thought made me want to run and hide. The idea of going back into Expression Web and spending days of effort with no guarantee that it would be any better made me realise that there were other options. So I have gone down this route. The only think I will say and others agree – it is a little stark and without my personality (some would say that’s no bad thing), but I will need to refine it as time goes on. Mm more learning and the spectre of design coming to the fore again.

The point of all this is that now the new design is up and running I did not want to clutter it up and so decided to start off with only a small selection of images and let it grow slowly. This is where a major benefit of digital photography comes in. If this had been in the old days of film I doubt if I would have had the heart to go through thousands of negatives and slides. Diving into my hard drive is so much easier and even a bit of fun.

Finally to the point. I came across this black and white image I had taken a while ago when I attended a fantastic training course with the excellent Brett Harkness in Manchester. It is used in my portraits gallery elsewhere on this site but thought it deserved a place on its own. In the last couple of weeks I have been doing more commercial work so getting some people featured on the blog may redress the balance a little.

Any comments on the photograph or indeed on the website or on my ramblings above would be appreciated.





















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A new era

Welcome to my new blog. Yes – new as I have taken the big step of incorporating my blog into this all new website. My previous blog at is still available and will be for a while yet but all new posts will be here.

This whole website is new so there is only a small selection of photographs in each of the galleries. Naturally I will be adding to these regularly so do please come back soon and hopefully often.

Thanks for looking


While looking through images deciding what to include in this new website I came across this one from some time ago and thought it was worth an airing.

Any comments welcome.