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Engagement photography update

Following on from the last post of the pre wedding photography of Matthew and Caroline I just wanted to post a few more photographs taken on a day of very changeable weather. Where I had a camera in my hand all the time (obviously) the lovely couple were never far away from the umbrella!

Again I must say I was very impressed with the variety of scenes in Lady Dixon Park in Belfast. Now on with the photographs. If you would like to leave a comment just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

































This way?
























































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It’s a French thing

I have to confess I have a thing for doors and windows in my photography. Slightly strange I know and my family really don’t understand the folders on my systems with strange names like Doors, Windows, Arches. Even better most of my fascination is fuelled by French doors and windows. There is a reason – honestly. Travelling in France as I have done over lots of years you come across a massive variety from ancient to decrepit to ultra modern. I freely admit that not everyone on the same journey as me will notice these objects and probably even fewer will really take the time to photograph them and eventually catalogue them.

Below is a small selection of the many, many images I have from my obsession. I have the feeling there will be more of this on this blog in the future. If you feel the desire to leave a comment scroll down the page after the images and there is a comment box. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Ancient door

























Not sure if I’d want to work here. Not sure if it is open.

Open for business?

























Cat at peace

























There must be something about cats and windows.

Cat and window - again!


















Now for something new. I loved the reflection of the old building in the ultra modern new one.

Old on new

























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From Cars to Flowers

I have just spent the last couple of days  inside photographing car interiors while the sun was shining outside. Don’t get me wrong it was really quite good fun with the smell of leather and the shine of chrome but when the sun is shining there is only one place to be and that is outside. Anywhere as long as it is outdoors.

As usual on a Saturday morning I was up early with my coffee wandering round the garden and noticed that the last couple of days of sunshine had ripened the lilies. Probably ripened isn’t the correct botanical term here but you get my drift. So coffee down and out with the camera for some gentle relaxing photographs.

Although I love landscape photography I am not a flora kinda photographer  but this is the result. Here is one captured and processed this morning.


Flower photography - Lily























And just round the corner I noticed that lovely early morning light on some poppies and well here’s the result. In fact this might be worth getting a print made. Quite often with the digital age photographs only exist on a monitor which is a real shame.

Backlight poppies






















Any thoughts or comments please scroll down and leave me your words in the box below.

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A new era

Welcome to my new blog. Yes – new as I have taken the big step of incorporating my blog into this all new website. My previous blog at www.Francispeacockephotographyblog.wordpress.com is still available and will be for a while yet but all new posts will be here.

This whole website is new so there is only a small selection of photographs in each of the galleries. Naturally I will be adding to these regularly so do please come back soon and hopefully often.

Thanks for looking


While looking through images deciding what to include in this new website I came across this one from some time ago and thought it was worth an airing.

Any comments welcome.


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