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Madrid break with photography

Madrid – a big city, a very big modern and vibrant city. I went there last week on a short break, not knowing what to expect. I was hoping  for great tapas and good weather and that’s exactly what I got. I arrived  in the rain after a twelve hour journey and the next time I saw rain was on the morning I left. In between it was blue skies but cold. Perfect weather for exploring the city. Explore! I walked miles each day in a city that is easy to navigate both on foot and via the excellent Metro.

As I didn’t have much of an idea of the city before arriving I had no idea of the type of photographs I might take. As you can see below I veered towards a documentary, street style of photography that is not my usual style at all.

Enough of the words and on with the photographs and if you have any comments I would be delighted to hear them. Just add them to the comments box at the end of this section. If you want to see more of my photography I am also featured on https://macromo.de/FrancisPeacocke

Changing of the guard















Changing of the guard 2















Design institute stairwell















Tapas anyone?















Food – but not for me!















Food market















Street blues















Pipe and beret






















Just browsing






















A lovely traditional bar with very friendly staff















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Recently I took a short break to Barcelona. Incredibly I have never been in Spain before on holiday so I really didn’t know what to expect apart from the obvious Gaudi influence. What a revelation. An incredible city. Great people, great food (if a little different at times),  fantastic sights and a very easy city to walk around. The only down side was there was no sun for most of our trip. In fact on the bus on the way to the city from the airport the very large puddles made us exchange worried glances. It turned out not cold but just slightly overcast most days. Now being a tourist (even though I like to think I am a traveller) I went out on the first morning wearing shorts – yes you guessed it I was the only person in Barcelona wearing shorts! Boy did I get some looks and not only from my wife and none of them were admiring.

The general routine was relaxing – up early get out walk all day, back to the hotel, change, walk and find good food, hotel and do it all again the next day. Below is a small selection of photographs from the loads I took. I suppose they sum up my experience of the city. If you’ve been there you may have a different impression. If so I’d love to hear. Anyway all comments would be appreciated. Now on with the photographs in no particular order.

Barcelona roof detail






















food market, Barcelona
















Barcelona food market















Barcelona street garden






















Watching the world go by
































La Sagrada Familia






















Gaudi on the roof































Stained glass, Barcelona

















Door in Barcelona






















Backlight door in Barcelona























Curvy staircase































in conversation

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